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Navaglobe International Transportation Co.Ltd. Is a first-class international freight forwarder approved by the government in China and it is also the main freight forwarder in the nation at present. NAVAGLOBE has founded since 2006 and joined the CATA (China Air Transportation Association) in 2007. Registration No.:06522, License No.:XB30033. Meanwhile,we are a member of CCAChina Cargo Alliance.

Navaglobe has been found and developed in XIAN which is the most important trading center in northwest of China. Navaglobe has its branch-offices or agents in main sea/air ports of China. It will develop and design the service content according to the customer’s requirement for transportation, including of designing operation planning file for customer and offering competitive price in order to satisfy the customer by all means. We shall offer the perfect service on cargo forwarding. Excellent relations with shipping and air lines which operate from china’s main freight hub, a team of highly qualified employees, and the support of branch-offices and agents at sea/air ports, guarantee you a safe, quick, accurate and convenient logistics service.

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     Navaglobe International Transportation Co., Ltd. was founded and developed in Xi'an, a key town in Western China, and has established a complete domestic agent network at major ports in China. The company can develop and develop service contents according to the requirements of customers for transportation, including designing operation plans for customers and providing competitive prices, fully meeting different requirements of customers, and providing customers with complete services The company provides safe, rapid, accurate and convenient logistics services for its customers by virtue of its good business relationship with various port carriers in terms of shipping and air transportation, excellent enterprise service team, as well as the support of various port branches and agents.

      The company has a strong overseas agent network, covering more than 60 countries around the world. Our agents are located in all important trade centers around the world, and can provide you with comprehensive and diversified international logistics services anywhere in the world. In order to ensure the service quality of cooperative transportation and seamless cooperation between agents, the company's specialists and agents will visit each other regularly. Each company's International Network agents will provide you with excellent services.

      The company's advantage routes are the Middle East, Europe, North America, South America and Southeast Asia. A strong global agent network can query and track the transportation status of each cargo, and all agents in the company network will provide you with the same excellent services.


Label:Freight forwarders in Xi'an    Xi'an freight    Shaanxi international transit

    Navaglobe International Transportation Co., Ltd. is specialized in international container import and export freight forwarding business, dedicated to serving customers wholeheartedly! Here, let's understand the responsibilities of Freight Forwarders:


    1. Basic responsibilities

    As a carrier to complete the transportation of goods and bear the responsibility (it issues the shipping documents, uses the transportation in its own hands, or entrusts others to complete the transportation of goods and collect the freight). As a carrier, he is not directly responsible for the completion of the transportation of goods (no direct responsibility shall be borne for the issuance of freight documents by others, the use and mastery of the means of transportation, or the lease of the means of transportation of others, or the lease of the means of transportation of others, or the entrustment of others to complete the transportation of goods).

    In accordance with the agreement or contract with the entrusting party, or in accordance with the instructions of the entrusting party, the freight forwarder shall fulfill the entrustment with the usual responsibilities, especially within the scope of authorization. Report all important matters truthfully. The information and materials provided to the entrusting party in the entrusted business must be true. In case of any loss caused by concealing or providing false information, the entrusting party has the right to recover from the freight forwarder and cancel the agency contract or agreement. Be responsible for confidentiality. The information obtained in the process of freight forwarding is disclosed to the third party. At the same time, the agency right shall not be transferred to others.

    2. Term of liability

    From the time of receiving the goods to the time when the goods are handed over to the consignee at the destination, or the goods are placed at the place instructed by the consignee according to the instructions, it has been completed and fulfilled the delivery obligations stipulated in the contract.

Warmly congratulate botom international on joining the global logistics alliance(GLN

     Navaglobe International Transportation Co., Ltd.(Navaglobe InternationalAfter long-term efforts and strong recommendation from colleagues of the international freight Union, the company has successfully become a global logistics Union in this golden autumn season with good delivery and fruitful harvest(Globe Logistics Network)The only member unit in Northwest China.


   After joining the China Cargo Alliance in 2009), after four years of accumulation and development, Botong international has the resources of world-class logistics enterprises, which are based on the domestic market, looking at the world, standing in the international logistics market and taking advantage of its own advantages. For the rapid development and growth of enterprises to provide a solid foundation, but also with the basic conditions for good customer service.


    Therefore, botom international has a complete domestic agent network in China's major ports. We can also develop and formulate more perfect service content according to the requirements of customers for transportation, including designing operation plan for customers and providing competitive price, fully meeting the requirements of customers, and providing comprehensive agency transportation services for customers. In terms of shipping and air transportation, we have good business relationship with all port carriers, excellent enterprise service team and support from all port branches and agents, so as to provide customers with safe, rapid, accurate and convenient logistics services.

   Our company strengthens further cooperation with PICC, signs long-term agreements, and comprehensively carries out international cargo transportation insurance for customers. 
In March 2015, botom international joined WCA (International Freight alliance), further improving and strengthening its international network.

Industry news

According to the international regular air transport data released by the international air Association yesterday, the demand for international cargo in May fell by 17.4%, which is narrowed compared with the drop of 21.7% in April. International air passenger demand fell 3.1% in April, compared with a further 9.3% decline in May. Even excluding Easter, the decline in the past two months has been more moderate than 11.1% in March. The passenger rate of international flights remains at 71.2%. 

  "We may have reached the bottom, but we are still a long way from recovery," said bicini, President of the International Air Transport Association

OOCL recently won the liner operation award at Seatrade Asia maritime awards in Shanghai, while Dong Jiancheng, chairman and CEO of OOCL (International) Co., Ltd., won the "lifetime achievement" award at the awards.

  Seatrade has established the Asia maritime awards to recognize organizations, businesses and individuals who have made outstanding and innovative contributions to the maritime industry's prosperity in Asia over the past year. "Liner operation Award" is awarded to airlines with high quality of customer service, high reliability of liner service, and good development of route network and fleet.

  Dong Jiancheng has made many important contributions to the shipping industry in Hong Kong and the world. He was the president of the Hong Kong Shipowners Association from 1993 to 1995 and the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce from 1999 to 2001. He is currently a member of the Hong Kong Port Development Council and the Hong Kong Logistics Development Council.

  Yao Erxin, President of OOCL (China) Co., Ltd., expressed his great honor for the award and said that he would continue to cooperate with customers to provide the most quality, reliable and seamless shipping services.

I. The Origin of China's Sailing Day

  Since ancient times, human reproduction has a deep origin with the ocean, and the development and prosperity of a country are also inseparable with the ocean. Many countries in the world have their own festivals related to navigation and ocean. The United States, as the world's largest power, has always regarded the sea as the foundation of national prosperity and security in its development process. In order to promote the American navigation culture and patriotism, the U.S. Congress decided on May 20, 1933 to take May 22 as the national navigation day every year to commemorate the first time the United States used the steam engine to drive the ship "Savannah" from Georgia As the port of Savannah sails across the Atlantic Ocean, every year's navigation Festival is led by the government departments to carry out grand celebrations, and the president is required to officially issue a notice on the navigation day between the navigation dates of each year. Japan defines the third Monday in July as the navigation Festival, and requires all its citizens to think over the significance of navigation to Japan. Britain, Canada and other maritime countries have also set up their own maritime festivals with their own characteristics, and the celebrations in various countries are colorful and colorful. China has a sea area of more than 3 million square kilometers. In China's international trade, 90% of goods are transported by sea. China is a big maritime country in the world, and it should also have its own maritime festivals in many festivals.

  Six hundred years ago, Zheng He, a navigator of the Ming Dynasty, led a huge boatman to go to the Western Ocean seven times, which opened the prelude for mankind to go to the ocean. Zheng He's voyages to the West had a long history, a large scale, a long voyage and a large number of countries and regions, which was unparalleled in any country in the world at that time, more than half a century earlier than that of European navigator Columbus and dagama. Zheng He's great feat of going to the West pushed the political and economic exchanges between China and Southeast Asian countries to a peak and made indelible contributions to the prosperity and stability of Southeast Asia.

  In order to commemorate the 600th anniversary of Zheng He's voyage to the west, in 2005, the Ministry of communications submitted to the State Council the request for instructions on determining July 11 as China's navigation day (JSF [2005] No. 103). On April 25, 2005, the State Council approved that since 2005, July 11 of each year will be China's navigation day, which is also the implementation date of world maritime day in China. This is the only one of the 81 National Memorial Day applications to be approved by the state at that time, and the only approved national holiday since 2005. The establishment of navigation day is an important event in the history of navigation in China, which fully reflects the great importance attached by the state to navigation and marine undertakings, and highlights the important role of navigation and marine undertakings in the development of national economy and social progress.

  China's navigation day is the only national legal activity day in the marine field, which is led by the government and participated by the whole people. It takes on the important task of "inheriting marine civilization, promoting marine culture, updating marine concepts, and building a marine power". It involves related industries such as navigation, marine, shipbuilding, fishery, and marine forces. It is to publicize, popularize navigation and marine knowledge to the whole people, and promote and cultivate China The national spirit and the promotion of the harmonious cultural activities of the whole nation have far-reaching strategic significance for further enhancing the navigation consciousness, marine consciousness and marine land consciousness of the whole nation, for the development of the ocean, the maintenance of the sea power, the strengthening of the sea defense, the realization of the goals of the navigation and marine powers, the fulfillment of the obligations of the member states of the international maritime organization, and the promotion of international cooperation and exchange 。

II. The activities of sailing day in 2009 have more different meanings than those of previous years

  The sailing day in 2009 is more different. 2009 marks the 60th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Navy and the 100th anniversary of China's maritime higher education. For Dalian, it happens to be the 110th anniversary of the founding of Dalian city and port, the 100th anniversary of the founding of Dalian Maritime University, and the 60th anniversary of the founding of Dalian Naval Academy. It is also the 115th anniversary of the Sino Japanese War of 1895, which is of great significance in the history of the world sea war and the modern history of China. There is no doubt that the sailing day in 2009 will carry more information than ever before, which is more concerned.

III. China's navigation day activities have formed its own characteristics

  Since the establishment of China Navigation day in 2009, after several years of efforts, the celebration of China Navigation day has gradually formed its own characteristics.
  1. Every year, there is the theme of navigation day, which not only reflects the current perspective of domestic society, but also echoes the theme of world maritime day;
        2. Every year, we will launch ten propaganda slogans with the times, which will cover all industries and related aspects;
  3. Through the collection of "harmonious water" and water gathering ceremony, the publicity and influence of navigation day in the whole country have been expanded;
  4. Award "Zhenghe navigation Contribution Award" to commend the units and individuals who have made special contributions to the navigation industry;
  5. Hold the "International Forum on Zheng He and navigation" to build an international academic exchange platform;
         6. Organically combine the main activities of July 11 with the annual activities of various industries all over the country to form a series of celebrations with climax, sustainability and social influence.
On April 10, bond Transportation Co., Ltd., which has a history of 61 years, filed a bankruptcy application to the U.S. bankruptcy court. The balance sheet shows that the company has $3.3 million in liabilities and only $2.2 million in assets. According to the company's website, bond Transportation Ltd. has 90 tractors and 275 trailers and employs 100 drivers. 
  Freight companies cut costs
  But it's not just the small truck freight company that has filed for bankruptcy under financial pressure. According to the first quarter truck freight statistics report released by Donald Broughton, market analyst of Avondale partners, an American investment company, 480 truck freight companies in the United States closed down in the first quarter, accounting for about 1% of the total truck freight enterprises. Donald Broughton said that although the number of operating vehicles is sharply decreasing, the vehicles exiting the market still cannot alleviate the contradiction of oversupply and affect the freight price. Only when more than 5% of the transportation capacity exits the market, can the freight demand and freight price stabilize.
  At the same time, companies with freight business as a sideline are also facing business adjustment. Recently, Huihao, a paper-making company, decided to shut down its truck freight company in the northwest of the United States, which has 42 trucks. Greg Miller, a spokesman for the company, said: "on the one hand, it's because of the recession; on the other hand, it's because trucking is not our main business. Our main business is papermaking, which is something we have to work hard to do. "
  In fact, not only small truck freight companies continue to go bankrupt, but also large enterprises are facing the dilemma of falling profits.
  Yelu, the world's largest trucking group, reported a 29% drop in freight volume in the first quarter, with earnings lower than expected, including profits from its centralized shipments. Some experts believe that users are worried that such measures will reduce the service level of transportation companies. In a customer memo, Lee klaskow, an analyst at Longbow research, a market research firm, wrote: "regardless of whether Yale can achieve its profit target, there is still a risk of further customer reduction."
 "In the current extremely difficult economic environment, we are facing the pressure of freight tonnage reduction and freight price decline, which have extremely compressed our profit margin," said Rick odel, President and CEO of Saia freight The company's first quarter financial report showed a 7.2% plunge in gross tonnage and an 8.9% drop in light cargo volume.
  In terms of vehicles, Warner enterprises reduced their vehicles by 4%. However, Warner still said that in the first quarter, the decline in freight demand exceeded their speed of vehicle reduction. "The freight market weakened further in the first quarter, with a severe shortage of freight demand due to the economic downturn and a significant reduction in shippers' inventories." Warner said.
  The alliance transport group also decided to cut capital spending. David Parker, group president, said: "by assessing the demand for light cargo transportation in the first quarter and forecasting the demand for light cargo transportation in the next three quarters, we decided to cancel the plan to purchase 100 tractors in 2009."
  Truck drivers face unemployment
  At 8 p.m. on April 22, 75 trucks quietly stopped at exit 56 of Interstate 95, one of 233 stops of travel centers, the largest truck stop operator in the United States.
  Truckers without goods can either sleep, watch TV, play games, talk on the phone endlessly, or search for freight demand through laptops.
 Truck drivers are in a dilemma. They have to pay high oil prices and insurance premiums, increasing road and bridge tolls, high living expenses, and meet various challenges that have not been met before. At present, the price of freight per mile is lower than 20 or even 30 years ago. Bob COTA, a truck driver who has been engaged in cargo transportation since 1950, said: "it's very bad now. In 1960, the freight price was $1.10-1.20 per mile, and the fuel price was 50 cents per gallon." Now some companies offer them freight rates of only 60 cents or 70 cents per mile. Bob COTA further pointed out: "I won't accept such a price. It costs 40 cents per mile for fuel." In order to find a higher freight price, his wife, Karla, tried to find the source of goods on the Internet through a laptop computer, trying to pay for their return home.
  There is no goods to pull, a large number of trucks are idle, resulting in a very hot business at the stop. It's hard to find a parking space now. Rob doden, a truck driver in Massachusetts, said: "since the recession, it has been difficult to find a parking space in the northeast of the United States, so as long as you find a place, you have to seize it as soon as possible."
  "This is a terrible situation," said David Owens, President of the American Association of small freight companies. For truck drivers, the worst thing is not an accident, but a day, two days, or even many days after they leave home. This reflects a huge imbalance between consumers and manufacturers. "
  According to the data released by the American Trucking Association, there were about 3.5 million truck drivers in the United States in 2005, while the number of employees in the whole industry reached 8.7 million, which means that one out of every 15 U.S. employees in the freight industry. In May 2005, when the economy was booming, the truck transportation industry in the United States was short of about 20000 drivers. But in the first quarter of this year, the economic depression led to a decrease in freight traffic and a large number of drivers facing unemployment.
  Adjust the direction of business to become the key to turn losses
  Due to the contradiction between the excess capacity and the decline of freight demand, the American freight industry is facing a new round of integration opportunities in this economic downturn. Forbes magazine believes that this will affect the future interests of shippers and carriers.
  First of all, there is a surplus of transportation capacity in the market. When the shipper signs a contract with the carrier, it takes the price as a decisive factor, which will lead to the occurrence of maliciously lowering the price, which is not conducive to the sound development of the freight industry; secondly, through industry adjustment, when the economy recovers, the freight market will become more streamlined and efficient. Therefore, the surviving freight enterprises will have the latest long-distance transportation business. In the reasonable transportation network, by improving the internal management and improving the transportation technology, to minimize the vehicle empty mileage.
  The current situation also brings lessons for the freight industry: the carrier needs to improve or optimize the existing management and technology, and the shipper can realize the rationalization of the cargo configuration network when the supply and demand of the freight market reach a balance.
  Industrial rationalization is the prescription of Forbes. ABF company has taken the lead in announcing the merger and adjustment of its business, reallocating the existing models and selecting the most suitable model to load the most goods, so as to achieve the maximum carrying capacity of the vehicles. This has also resulted in a reduction in workload (reduced labor costs and vehicle wear), thereby reducing costs.
  The move by olddominion freight line, a truckload freight company, deserves attention. In the case of reduced freight volume, they decided to increase freight prices instead. Although this led to a 12.4% drop in freight tonnage in the first quarter of the company, Earl Congdon, executive chairman of the company, said when talking about the revenue situation: "from the situation of the freight industry in the first quarter, the environment of economic recession continues to affect freight demand, and we are also facing the most severe price pressure ever. Although we went against the trend and decided to adopt the price increase strategy, we believe that this strategy will help the company's long-term development. Raising the price will guarantee the quality of our service. "
  Forbes magazine believes that in the next two to three years, only the truck freight enterprises that can best meet the market demand can survive. These freight companies will overcome economic weakness and provide efficient transportation services for shippers. However, freight companies will continue to compete around prices for a long time, rather than develop strategic shippers to build a strong transport chain.
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  According to the capacity index released by the American Trucking Association on April 27, the U.S. trucking capacity index fell 4.5% in March, the first year-on-year decline since 2009, reaching the lowest point since March 2002.
  At the same time, China's freight industry is showing signs of recovery. With the implementation of a package of policies to stimulate the economy in China, especially the introduction of the adjustment and revitalization plan for the logistics industry, the development of the logistics industry is expected to get better. In March, the logistics business activities in the PMI index are expected to rise from 47.9% in November 2008 to 53.6%.
  According to the data released by China Logistics Information Center, the comprehensive price index of China's road freight transportation market in March was 65.7, down 1 percentage point from last month and 5.5 percentage point from the beginning of the year, but the trend of low-level recovery has appeared in late March.   
In June, the evolution of the market made the small and medium-sized freight forwarders troubled, and the rise and fall of the price was not synchronized with the increase and decrease of the volume of goods.
In Shenzhen, Japanese routes are still popular, with freight rates rising by 150-200 USD / TEU; Middle East and India Pakistan routes are still full of goods, but the price changes rapidly. The freight rate of South Korea route is volatile in the near future, while the freight volume of Southeast Asia route is relatively sufficient but does not support the price rise, so the freight rate changes little. It has been reported that the sea freight of Asia Europe route is on the way to zero again.
The rise of Mediterranean route freight rate is worthy of attention. It reappears the hot scene and becomes another hot route after the middle east route. In addition, the South American route freight rate also spread the news of price rise. Industry insiders believe that due to the reduction of cargo volume and the sharp drop of freight rate in the early stage, shipping companies have to withdraw from such routes. In the case of a sharp contraction of freight capacity, the oversupply of cargo volume pushed up the freight rate.
Not only that, the frequent transmission of route cooperation plan makes route adjustment and ship schedule change more frequent. Some analysts believe that this is the action taken by the shipping company to maintain operation and guard against chain failures.
Industry insiders predict that the overall volume of foreign trade booking in June may rise by about 4%, and the recovery of shipping needs to be verified
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